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Beautiful Bedrooms 4: Pretty Cottage Style

September 12, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Cottage style bedrooms are adorable and cosy – especially if they are in an original setting with low ceilings (perhaps with some wooden beams) and small dormer windows! This won’t be the case for many of you; don’t despair though as we can help to inspire you in achieving a charming cottage style bedroom in any house. The mood is calm, the patterns are cheerful and there is a touch of vintage décor in accessories. Overall, the cottage style for bedrooms is a very cosy and beautiful design that can be a welcoming retreat from busy lifestyles.

· Some of you will love the simplicity that cottage style bedrooms can give; this shouldn’t be confused with minimalism – accessories are used but they are easy on the eye and relaxing. Choose a white and green duvet cover in a laid-back botanical print, a knit or crochet blanket with a cottage theme and keep the rest of the room light with butter yellow walls and white curtains.

· Florals are one of the key elements of cottage style decorating – you only have to think of the gorgeous gardens that are part and parcel of a cottage’s grounds. Use florals in your bedroom if you want to achieve a slightly romantic vibe; pretty florals for Roman blinds, pillow covers and fresh flower arrangements. You will need to team it with pastel colours for a traditional look – have a think about a rose pink with tea green and a little yellow; make sure that you keep the look crisp by using lots of white for walls and duvet covers. Some white vintage lamps either side of the bed would be a nice touch.

· If pastels are not your thing, richer colours can be used in the way of neutrals – chocolate browns, warm golds and touches of rose pink are cosy yet fresh with white. In this room, you can get away with using darker wood for bedside cabinets and wooden curtain poles. Think of original ways to dress the room such as creating a panel behind the bed with floral fabric or wallpaper, using white and brown or white and gold porcelain plates on a feature wall or a dainty piece or garden furniture painted in white for larger rooms.

· Cottage style doesn’t have to steer in the opposite direction of glam – you can certainly have a few glamorous touches without losing out on the charm of the cottage style bedroom. Use a light pastel colour on the walls such as a powder blue, white curtains with matching quilted bedding and a touch of garden rustic with a wooden bench at the end of the bed to compliment the curtain poles. Touches of glam can be brought in with a simple chandelier and silver accents in accessories to provide some sparkle.

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